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2021-07-13 - LRML Water Quality Update

Water Quality Committee > 2021-07-13 - LRML Water Quality Update

Hello to all!

Over the past couple of weeks, residents have been noticing an increase in green surface scums and a decrease in water clarity. This seems to change on a daily basis with some shorelines having rather extensive scums while others are clear.

It appears that Blue Green Algae is on the increase and is most noticeable during calm conditions.

When these scums begin to appear, the LRML Water Quality Committee sends forward the following reminders of precautions so that everyone stays safe and healthy.

  1. Check swim areas before using or allowing pets to drink from the water- especially after a calm night when the B-G algae scums can collect along some shorelines and coves. Do not swim or let pets drink from a visible scum.

  2. Check and change water filters often if taking water from the lake. The water is not as clear as it was and filters will load up.

The team of "water testers" usually begin testing for toxins from B-G algae when/if the water clarity falls below 3m. You may notice some individuals on the lake in the next few days using a secchi disk that is used to measure water transparency or turbidity.

Once again, we want to send a note of thanks to the volunteers who dedicate endless hours gathering the resources for water testing, completing the tests as required, preparing the samples for analysis and ensuring that the results are communicated to residents in a timely manner.

Another note of thanks is extended to the volunteers who assisted with the recent weed cutting throughout the third channel and in various areas of the lake. The weeds are extensive this year and appear to be expanding throughout the lake. These weeds are invasive and decrease the health of the lake. There will be a need in the near future for more volunteers to assist with further cutting. If you are willing to help out, please send your name to Scott Miller by text at 519-616-1037 or by email at [email protected].

Swimmers Itch is still being reported and will continue until we can get the goose population down. If goose droppings are on a raft or float, please do not sweep into the water. Swimmers should continue to use a waterproof lotion before swimming and do a vigorous drying off when leaving the water.

There is little that can be done about some of the factors that influence our water quality……weather (climate change) and how Zebra Mussels influence the growth of B-G Algae BUT we can each do our own part to help to reduce unwanted nutrients and chemicals.

Thanks to all those who adhere to the by-law banning the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. As well, we thank those that take the time to read labels carefully on cleaning products to make certain that they are free from harsh and harmful chemicals. When these chemicals are not used the nutrient loading of the lake is reduced and the natural systems of the lake can work to help cleanse the lake. When regular septic maintenance and pumping is added to the chemical free practices it ensures that our lake can be enjoyed for generations to come.

LRML Water Quality Committee