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2023-10-22 - October 2023 Water Quality Report

Water Quality Committee > 2023-10-22 - October 2023 Water Quality Report

October Water Test Results
The results of the October 10th water test results are below. All lakes
showed a further reduction in toxin when compared to the September 19th

September 19/23 October 10/23
LR-2 0.932 LR-2 0.368
LR-1 2.07 LR-1 0.180
ML-1 1.07 ML-1 0.150
ML -2 0.701 ML-2 0.241
These are excellent results especially when you consider the rapid B-G
algae death over the past weeks. When the B-G algae cells die they
release their toxins and some lakes show their highest toxin levels weeks
after the B-G algae bloom ends.