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2020-10-19 - October Communication & Water Test Results

Water Quality Committee > 2020-10-19 - October Communication & Water Test Results

The results came in for the October samples collected on Tuesday October 13, 2020. We only tested the two lakes that were slightly over the Drinking Water Standard of 1.5µg/L taken on September 15th . (The first lakes on Marl and Rosalind)

The results are good, and both the lakes were 25% of the values of the September sampling.

This was expected as the clarity in ML-1 was at 8.1m when testing on Oct 13. ( I believe Rosalind was similar )

  • ML-1 was at 0.40µg/L compared to 1.55ug/L in September
  • LR-1 was at 0.45µg/L compared to 2.12ug/L in September

Note: Canadian Drinking Water Standard is 1.5µg/L and the Recreational Standard is 20.0µg/L

We are attaching the toxin report from the Sept 15 sampling. It is interesting that the Lake Rosalind second lake had the lowest toxin levels of the 4 lakes tested. Last year it had the highest toxin levels when tested in October. The toxin levels decreased going downstream through the lakes in October 2019. It is also interesting that LR 2 had the highest concentration of biochar bags of all the lakes...hmmmmmm???

We have sent samples of the biochar through our distributor from 3 bags to a lab to be analyzed for total phosphorus which is from soluble and particulates. These results will be used to help determine the number of biochar bags in 2021, if we decide to continue with this experimental program.


  • September's Microcystin water test results are available here.
  • October's Microcystin water test results are available here.

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